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Serving southeast Pennsylvania -- Bucks, Northampton, Montgomery, & Chester counties.

Looking for care-free, quality service? We offer contact-free, auto-refill service and monitor your tank level so you don't have to! Call or email for pricing:



Customer Service

For new customers, questions about your existing account, or refill requests, please call 610-PROPANE (610-776-7263) or email accountmgr1@greenleafpropane.com.

Bills are emailed -- please add billing@greenleafpropane.com to your Contacts to avoid invoices from being misdirected to your Spam/Junk folder. Note that many internet service providers automatically delete Spam/Junk folders (as often as weekly).

Residential & Commercial Builders...

Looking for an alternative to natural gas? In addition to individual on-lot tanks, Greenleaf Propane specializes in providing underground residential community systems. Underground tank farms (located in small, open-space areas) will provide propane to your customers' homes with metered service.

All jurisdictional systems are PA L&I inspected and all pipelines are ACT 127 compliant.

Safety Information

If you smell gas, follow these steps, & call our 24-hr number at 215-766-8069.