If you smell gas:

  1. Put out all smoking materials or any open flames -- do not operate any electrical switches, appliances, telephones, or cell phones.

  2. Leave the area immediately -- get everybody out of the building.

  3. Shut off the gas at the tank (if you have an on-lot tank) -- if it is safe to do so, turn the valve to the right (clockwise).

  4. Report the leak.

  • If the gas smell is inside your house, call your furnace/appliance service provider.

  • If it is from the exterior of your home, call 215-766-8069 (Greenleaf Propane 24-hr no.).

  • If you cannot reach anyone, or a fire has started, call 911.

  1. Do not return to the building/area until the professional responder has deemed it is safe to do so.

  2. Get your propane system checked.

  • Before you use any of your applicances, the appropriate professional must verify there are no leaks.

  • The furnace/appliance service provider may need to re-ignite appliance pilot lights.